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Press Note   28th September 2011
Panacea Hospital
Successfully rejoins amputated hands of factory worker
Panacea Hospital, in a significant medical breakthrough, was successful in rejoining both the amputated hands of a young factory worker. It has been one week since the path-breaking surgery is performed, and the patient is showing positive response. The patient is experiencing flickering of the finger tips, an indication that he is in the road to recover the movement of his arms.

Chetan (17-years-old) lost both his hands in an industrial accident on September 20. His arms were amputated just above the wrist joint. The accident took place around 4:30 pm. He was brought to Panacea Hospital around 6 pm.
“We have been successful in rejoining both the amputated arms after an emergency surgery spanning over several hours. Though the patient has a long way to go before both hands could become fully functional like earlier, the signs are encouraging,” says Dr.Jayanna, Managing Director, Panacea Hospital.

Chetan’s friends and colleagues displayed time sense by preserving his amputated arms, a critical move, which otherwise would have rendered the patient permanently disabled. After conducting the routine check-up, the expert surgeons first decided to fix the right hand, as it is the dependent arm of any normal person.
  • The amputated part (Right Hand) was taken out of the ice bag and washed with Betadine, Hydrogen Peroxide and mormal Saline to bring it to the room temperature (warm).

  • The amputated part was thoroughly cleaned; the Radius and the Ulna were shortened by 11/2 cms to get the approximation of the arteries, veins, tendons and nerves. As they have elastic tissue, they retract once cut.

  • Incision was made over the Dorsum of the amputated and the third Metacarpal was exposed. A plate was fixed to the Metacarpal with 3 screws; then the amputated part was attached to the cut end of the Radius.

  • The cut ends of the Radial and Ulnas artery anatomized with 6.0 Polene. Two veins on the dorsal were approximated and sutured.Subsequently, the left hand was fixed following more or less the same procedure.
  • The patient was kept in an isolated chamber to avoid any infection.  The observation showed positive signs.

  • Capillary filling was found.

  • Pulse Oximetry showed 100 per cent saturation with good pulse wave on the right hand side and 80 per cent saturation with irregular waves on the left side.

  • The patient was complaining of severe pain only in the left hand. It was found that the hand had become Oedematous. The patient was immediacy taken to OT and Faciotomy was carried out to relieve the tension.

  • After 3 hours, the patient was comfortable and the pain reduced by 80 per cent. The Pulse Oximetry showed 90 per cent with good pulse wave.
“The surgeries were successfully carried out by orthopedic surgeon Dr.Vasudev K and Consultant Plastic and Micro-vascular Surgeon Dr.Priyadarshan. We hope that the patient fully recovers the movement of his hands,” Dr.Jayanna adds.
PANACEA Hospital, located in Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore, is a unit of the Panacea Hospital Pvt. Ltd. It is committed to provide leading edge diagnostic, medical and surgical Services to the patients. Panacea hospital is driven by a mission to serve the health needs of every person through a holistic approach and thus restore health, vitality and joy in their lives.
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Panacea Hospitals Pvt ltd.
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